Women Circles

A safe haven for like minded free spirit women to collectively come together in sisterhood and open heart space. Together through ceremony, sharings, sound healing and self care practices we devote this time for us. We are never meant to do this alone. We come together to remember our power and Devine feminine magic and wisdom, Together we heal and RISE and Take up space in our highest vibration and awareness in consciousness.

Our once a month 3 hr journey are created to help rejuvenate, recenter and revitalise and come home to your body, mind and soul. Transform your life with more abundance and clarity in a welcoming safe environment.

Portal intake will be opening April 2022 for new sisters to join our tribe.

This is only VIA application and if you’re slightly a badass secret witch who breaths spiritual vibes who’s also values unconditional love and honours judgment free spaces. 

Please enquire via email if you feel called to.

Much love and blessings to you honey! X

Direct Email for Circle